What if you were loved ?

What if you were loved ?


There are more than seven billion people on Earth.But even among those billion , no one is loving you , or maybe someone do.But why would someone love you ? Look at yourself in the mirror , you’re disgusting that’s why you can’t even stand seeing your own reflection in the mirror.Appearance is not the most important thing but even your parents don’t love you , how can you expect someone to love you if even the one that gave you birth is not loving you.

You, among those billion , if you love him/her , go ahead and tell him/her.

You remember that day , when someone told you “you’re looking good today” , it wasn’t a joke or anything but all the time spent self hating your appearance made it seems like a lie .That hatred is deeply rooted, that even honest words sounded like lies to you.Same goes with love, you would laugh at the idea of someone loving you. How can someone love you when even yourself can’t bear the idea of being with yourself.You don’t even know what love is , or what it is supposed to make you feel.Love is this strange concept , that dream , mirage that you are craving for because of all those romantic movies. Love is not meant for people like you who are craving for death as much as you crave for love.

Go ahead and tell her/him that you love her/him , she/he might laugh and walk away but inside she/he will feel something for once and it could be a turning point in his life.


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